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Healthsouth 12/03/2016Austin, TX
Kappa Delta Semi Formal 12/02/2016Austin, TX
Ding's 30th Bday 11/19/2016Austin, TX
Felicity's Sweet 16 11/12/2016Austin, TX
AMD Fall Festival 11/12/2016Austin, TX
MODCLOTH 11/12/2016Austin, TX
Spirit Festival - Baylor MBA Booth 11/06/2016Austin, TX
Eanes Carnival 11/06/2016Austin, TX
Smiles of Austin - Rooster Springs Elementary 11/05/2016Austin, TX
Hailey & Josh 11/05/2016Austin, TX
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Bash Photo Booths are authentic, vintage-style booths that take beautiful modern photographs. Each booth has state-of-the-art equipment to make you and your guests look great, and a hard, black and silver luxury shell to add to the look and experience of your event. Your guests have the option of black and white or color strips, which print within 20 seconds and are immediate gifts to remind them of your special event.